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In a controversial move,, the newest decentralized social media (DeSo) app, has announced its intention to punish users who opt for copycat versions or forks of its platform. The punishment will result in users forfeiting their existing points and being excluded from earning any new points. This decision has sparked intense criticism from the crypto community, with many expressing their dissatisfaction and deriding the app for its anti-competitive behavior. has been airdropping “reward points” to beta testers, with the purpose of these points still undisclosed. However, some speculate that they may have financial significance or be tied to’s governance. The announcement has come only weeks after the app’s public launch and has coincided with a decline in key metrics for


In the world of decentralized social media, has emerged as a popular app that rewards its users with points for their participation. However, the recent decision made by to punish users who choose to use copycat apps has sparked controversy and negative reactions within the crypto community. This article will delve into the background of, discuss their decision to punish copycat app users, analyze the impact on’s metrics, and present various opinions on the matter.

Background on is a decentralized social media (DeSo) app that aims to revolutionize the way we connect and interact with others online. The app has gained popularity due to its unique approach of rewarding users with points for their engagement and contributions. These points can be accumulated and potentially used for special purposes in the future.

Beta Testing and Reward Points

During the beta testing phase, has been airdropping “reward points” to its users on a weekly basis. This initiative is part of their strategy to incentivize user participation and gather valuable feedback to enhance the platform. The distribution of 100 million points over a span of six months has been well-received by users, highlighting the potential significance of these reward points.’s Decision to Punish Copycat App Users

Despite its popularity, recently announced its decision to punish users who decide to switch to forks or copycat versions of its tokenized social media platform. The announcement stated that users who make this choice will automatically opt out of earning points and forfeit any existing points they may have. This move aims to ensure that loyal users are rewarded fairly during the beta testing phase.

However, did not specifically mention any competitors, leaving room for speculation within the crypto community. Many users pointed to a new application called Shares, which is scheduled to launch its public beta soon. The combination of this ambiguity and the punishment threat has led to negative reactions from users and critics alike.

Impact on’s Metrics

Since the announcement of the punishment for copycat app users, has experienced a significant drop in key metrics such as activity, inflows, and volume. Transactional data from Dune Analytics indicates that the number of transactions on has declined by over 90% from its peak on August 21st. This decline in metrics raises concerns about the potential long-term effects on the app’s success and user engagement.

Analysis and Opinions

The decision by to punish copycat app users has been met with criticism from various angles. Some argue that this move goes against the principles of competition and innovation that the crypto industry embodies. They believe that users should have the freedom to explore and try different platforms without the fear of being penalized.

On the other hand, some users and analysts have expressed expectations for a native token airdrop in the future. They believe that the seed round investment from Paradigm suggests the possibility of such an airdrop, which could add financial significance to the reward points earned during the beta testing phase.

Conclusion’s decision to punish copycat app users has sparked controversy within the crypto community. While their intention to reward loyal users during the beta testing phase is understandable, the approach taken has raised concerns about the app’s future success and user engagement. The impact on’s metrics, coupled with the criticism received, highlights the need for careful consideration when implementing measures that may hinder user exploration and competition.

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