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Euro Stablecoin EUROe Launches on Solana, Fiat Gateway Available

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The Euro Stablecoin EUROe has launched on the Solana blockchain, offering a fiat gateway for seamless crypto-to-fiat payments. Developed by Membrana Finance, EUROe is the first euro-pegged stablecoin to debut on Solana, expanding its reach beyond Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum One, and Avalanche. With a 1:1 ratio redemption and zero fees, EUROe is backed by bankruptcy-protected cash and CET1 equity capital in EU-regulated financial and banking entities, providing stability and security. Additionally, EUROe has integrated with the Wirex digital transfers application, allowing users to instantly exchange EUROe for over 100 world currencies and facilitating acceptance by 40+ million merchants across 200 countries.

Euro Stablecoin EUROe Launches on Solana, Fiat Gateway Available

First euro-pegged stablecoin debuts on Solana (SOL)

The first euro-pegged stablecoin, EUROe, has made its debut on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. EUROe, developed by Membrana Finance, is a MiCA-compliant stablecoin, providing a regulated alternative to mainstream USD-pegged stable cryptocurrencies. Solana, as the fourth-largest smart contracts platform on Web3, offers a high-performance and low-fee blockchain for EUROe’s integration and operations.

EUROe receives fiat payments instrument

In addition to launching on Solana, EUROe has received a feature-rich fiat integration with Wirex, a digital transfers application. Wirex users now have the convenience of transacting with EUROe, as it is accepted by over 40 million merchants across more than 200 countries worldwide. Moreover, within the Wirex app, EUROe can be instantly exchanged for over 100 world currencies, providing users with flexibility and efficient financial management.

EUROe expands to Solana (SOL)

The expansion of EUROe to the Solana blockchain marks a significant step forward for stablecoin payments and regulatory-compliant digital assets. With the integration of EUROe on Solana, blockchain-based applications now have an extremely competitive option that offers accountability and consumer protection. Businesses that were previously hesitant to build on Solana due to regulatory, accounting, or legal uncertainties can now reconsider it as a viable platform for their operations.

EUROe integration on Solana (SOL)

The integration of EUROe on Solana allows for the creation and redemption of the stablecoin in a 1:1 ratio, eliminating transaction fees. This means that users can seamlessly convert fiat currency to EUROe and vice versa without incurring any additional costs. EUROe is backed by a basket of 100% bankruptcy-protected cash and 2% CET1 equity capital in EU-regulated financial and banking entities, ensuring stability and security.

EUROe backed by bankruptcy-protected cash and CET1 equity capital

One of the key features of EUROe is its robust backing, which consists of bankruptcy-protected cash and CET1 equity capital. This ensures that the stablecoin is backed by reliable and secure assets, providing confidence to users and market participants. The combination of bankruptcy-protected cash and CET1 equity capital ensures that EUROe maintains its stability and can withstand financial market fluctuations.

EUROe introduced as a regulatory-compliant stablecoin

EUROe was introduced as a regulatory-compliant stablecoin to address the needs of users who prefer a stable and secure digital asset tied to the euro. By adhering to regulatory requirements, EUROe provides enhanced consumer protection and transparency. The launch of EUROe on Solana further strengthens its position as a top choice for individuals and businesses seeking a reliable euro-pegged stablecoin.

Wirex integrates EUROe into its digital transfers app

Wirex, a leading digital transfers application, has integrated EUROe into its platform, allowing users to transact with the stablecoin. With over 40 million merchants accepting EUROe globally, Wirex users can make purchases and transfer funds seamlessly using EUROe. The integration of EUROe into Wirex’s app highlights the growing acceptance and adoption of stablecoins in the digital payments landscape.

EUROe accepted by 40+ million merchants

EUROe’s acceptance by over 40 million merchants worldwide opens up a plethora of possibilities for users. Whether it’s making online purchases, paying for services, or sending money internationally, EUROe provides a convenient and efficient solution. As more merchants recognize the benefits of accepting digital currencies, the demand for stablecoins like EUROe is likely to increase.

EUROe instantly exchangeable for 100+ world currencies

With its integration into the Wirex app, EUROe can be instantly exchanged for over 100 world currencies. This feature provides users with flexibility and convenience when managing their finances. Whether it’s converting EUROe to a local currency or diversifying holdings into other digital assets, users have the freedom to exchange EUROe seamlessly.

EUROe supply and availability on exchanges

EUROe has a total supply of 1,001,000 coins, which are available for trading on various exchanges. Users can trade EUROe against popular cryptocurrencies such as USD Coin (USDC) and Arbitrum (ARB) on platforms like Uniswap v3 and Orca. The availability of EUROe on multiple exchanges ensures liquidity and accessibility for users who wish to buy or sell the stablecoin.

In conclusion, the launch of EUROe on Solana and its integration with the Wirex app represent significant milestones for the euro-pegged stablecoin. With its regulatory compliance, robust backing, and acceptance by millions of merchants, EUROe provides a stable and convenient digital asset for users worldwide. As the adoption of stablecoins continues to grow, EUROe’s position as a leading euro-pegged stablecoin is solidified.